Thursday, September 15, 2016

Art Experiences & Goals for the Semester

One of the first art experiences I can remember having was in first grade. I painted a picture of two houses during my free time. I got paint all over myself but I was very proud of the painting even though it was barely recognizable as two houses. I didn't really know how to paint back then, so all the colors mixed until they looked like mud. The painting used to hang in my bedroom until a few years ago. It's not there anymore but I think it's still somewhere around my house.

This semester, I hope I can gain a Fine Arts credit by taking this course. I also hope that I'll enjoy this class and learn a lot. I'm also planning on taking Photography next semester after I'm done with this and can do more advanced art classes. I was originally planning on taking this class during freshman year, but I wasn't sure I could handle an extra class on top of getting used to my first year of high school. Now that I'm a sophomore and more used to high school, I decided to take it this year. I'm hoping I'll do well in this course and have a good time.

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