Thursday, September 29, 2016


  • To Create “styrogami” from foam cups, demonstrating how positive and negative space depend on each other to make space more interesting. Use art principles repetition, rhythm, and balance to unify your sculpture.  

Artists Studied: Jules Vital,i Rachel Beach, Richard Serra, Mark di Suvero

There are similarities and differences between how I used space in my Hanging Paper Sculpture and my styrogami project. In both projects, I was given a shape and had to change it around by cutting and reorganizing the pieces. In the Hanging Paper Sculpture, I was given a piece of paper and had to cut and arrange it into a different shape. In my styrogami project, I had to cut and glue a styrofoam cup into a shape other than a cup. However, with the Hanging Paper Sculpture, I had to use all or most of the paper and try not to cut it into more than one piece. In my styrogami project, I had to cut it into different pieces otherwise I couldn’t have done anything to it.
I didn’t really base my styrogami sculpture off of any particular artists while I was working on it. If I had to choose one artist, though, I’d say Richard Serra and his work Inside Out (weatherproof steel, 2013). My sculpture was made of several mostly freestanding pieces of styrofoam cut in triangular shapes arranged around each other and Inside Out is a few pieces of freestanding metal that twist and curve around.

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