Sunday, November 6, 2016

Artists and Endangered Species

"The Otter and the Moon" by Derek Miranda, mixed media on bristol 
This is a painting of of a giant river otter, also called a waterdog. Hanging from the top right corner is a large brown otter, although only the head, front paws, and part of its back and visible in the painting. The background the dark blue and black night sky with many small stars white stars. The otter is holding the full, bright moon between its two front paws. Around the otter and the moon are lots of tiny gray clouds. The clouds are turning into silver fish that are looking at or approaching the moon and the otter.
Giant river otters live in South America but are facing extinction. They are all waterdogs in the country of Guyana. They're starting to loose their habitats and are being killed for their fur. Many fishermen also believe that they are competition for the fish and kill them. A lot of the habitats that they do have left are becoming polluted, too.

"Hine's Emerald Dragonfly Print" by Melissa Washburn, hand-colored woodblock print on masa rice paper.
This piece is a woodblock print, meaning that it is mostly in black and white with a little bit of green. The top of the print shows a black dragonfly with green eyes on a white background. It's balanced on a many-petaled black and white flower. The bottom half of the print shows the dragonfly's reflection in the pond, with the water being black and the reflection of the dragonfly white. There are a few streaks of green across the black water.
Hine's emerald dragonfly lives in the midwest of the United States. Its natural habitat of wetlands are slowly being destroyed. Unfortunately, this means that there are less and less dragonflies living in different parts of the midwest. Pesticides and other insect killers are also affecting the population badly.

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