Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Oaxacan Animal Bowl

Purpose: To create a clay bowl with an endangered species subject, decorated in the style of the Oaxaca painted animal sculptures.
Art Culture Studied: The Oaxacan Culture from Mexico

I chose the Boisduval blue butterfly to do for my animal bowl. I thought that it was pretty and would make an interesting bowl with shape that wouldn’t be too hard to draw. The Boisduval blue butterfly is from the states of California and Oregon. It’s endangered because the marshlands that the butterflies live in are being drained. The background of my bowl is green, with darker green marsh plants to represent the habitat. I was unable to find out how many are left, though there’s obviously few enough that it’s endangered.
My color scheme was blue, orange, yellow, and two shades of green, with a black-and-white pattern on the antennae of the butterfly. Except for the black and white, it was an analogous color scheme. The green was to represent of the marsh habitat of the butterfly. The blue was because the color of the butterfly is blue in real life. The orange and yellow completed the analogous color scheme, and I also thought that they looked good compared with the blue. I think if I were to do the project again, I might make the green a little brighter and the yellow a little darker and maybe change around which colors were where. Other than that, I think I’m pretty satisfied with how the colors turned out.
I think that the design part of the project was one of the most interesting parts for me. It was fun to come up with different kinds of designs I could include on my bowl. It was also interesting to decide what colors that I wanted to use. I liked that I didn’t have to stick to what color the animal was in real life, too. I did include some blue on my bowl, but it would have been pretty boring if the only color I could use was blue. I enjoyed figuring out what I wanted my bowl to look like, which colors and what kinds of designs to include.

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