Friday, January 27, 2017

Most Memorable Experiences

One of my most memorable experiences was the Value Self Portrait project. I've done self-portraits before in other art classes, but I've never done one using only shades of one color. All of the other ones have been drawn, or using more than one color. This was a really interesting way to do a self portrait. It made me think a lot about shading and the shape of shadows. It could sometimes be a challenge when it came to deciding which shades to use where or doing very small details. I did enjoy doing the project, though, and I think that it's a cool way of doing a self portrait.

Another memorable project during this unit was the styrogami project near the beginning of the semester. It was fun to cut up the cup and see which ways it could be arranged or new shapes that it could make. Cutting up the styrofoam could be a bit hard to do well, but I got better at doing it the more I practiced. The idea of cutting up a styrofoam cup to arrange in different ways wasn't something that I've thought of doing before. I've never really done another project like this one. It was pretty memorable.

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